10 Quick Tips: How to Design an Effective Business Card That Stands Out

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While everything is shifting rapidly to digital platforms, some things are there still worthy in physical form. A business card, in particular, is a thing, comes very handy when anyone wants to do networking and expand a business of own.

Why do people use business cards?

Now you may be thinking, why do people use business cards, or what makes it so special to be still in demand in physical form? Well, when it comes to a business card, it’s the first impression of your business for many potential customers. A unique business card works as an effective branding tool, and it helps people to remember who you are and what you do. 

In the following article, we’re going to talk about 10 quick tips of designing an effective business card that stands out. So, let’s dive into it:

  1. Target your audience

While designing a business card, you should keep your targeted audience in your mind. Your design elements and colour combinations should be relatable to your sector. For example, if you are a graphics designer, your card itself is your big advertisement. The more creative the card, the more possibility that the customers will use your service. Or, if your business is selling electronic equipment, you may include a photo related to this area to keep relevance. The rule is simple, the audience should find it relevant.

  1. Create a unique logo

A logo is one of the most important elements of business cards. Business giants often say that a business card is all about a logo! A unique logo that is compatible with your brand can make a huge impact on your branding. It should not be surrounded by too many texts, or colors, or images. The logo should be placed in cards in such a way that clients can see it at a glance. So, don’t hesitate to consult with professionals to make a worthy logo. 

  1. Include the most important details

You may do a lot of things in your company and that is great. But it’s not wise to share all your details on your tiny business card. Smartly decide what information your card should hold. Other than your company name, logo, and contact particulars, choose the appropriate kind of details you want to include. Considering contact details, you should include multiple ways of getting in touch with you, not just only a phone number. Don’t overwhelm your card with unnecessary information.

  1. Select the best quality paper stock

Within your budget, choose the best quality paper with proper thickness for a business card. A quality business imprint reflects your professionalism & standard of services towards your potential customers. Don’t use cheap quality materials to minimize the cost. Use some quality materials that feel good in hands and creates a good impression about your business. This is not the area you should think of cost-cutting.

  1. Size and shape matters

Depending on services, the size and shape of a business card may vary from traditional practice. You may have seen that traditional business cards are rectangular in shape. But that’s not the norm. You can make it differently based on your targeted audience (say, you can choose an oval shape for your marketing agency). Talking about size, it should not be too small or too big as the size of a card affects the text size and the amount of information you can use. If you want to stand out, don’t overlook the size and shape of your card.

  1. Leave plenty of blank space

An effective way of using white space in business cards matters a lot. When potential clients receive your card, you expect them to give attention to the important details in your card. Well, they are bound to do that if you can properly utilize the white space of your card. You have to arrange your content by leaving a lot of white space in a way that they automatically put their eyes to the vital information of your card. Be smart and make the best use of your white space.

  1. Add a positioning statement for your business

It is a kind of short statement or motto that defines your brand and makes you unique from your competitors. A catchy motto creates a picture of your brand within the minds of your customers. For example, the motto of ‘Disney’: The Happiest Place on Earth. Whoever knows about ‘Disney’, definitely a picture would come to their mind when they read the tagline. This is the power of a positioning statement.

So, adding a catchy statement to your card is nonetheless a good idea. It’ll surely help you to build a solid connection with your clients.

  1. Use both sides of the card

Using only one side of your business cards may be overwhelming due to plenty of information. It may make your card difficult to read. To maximize your card impression, you can use both sides of your card. Now you have lots of space to fit your texts and other things. Again, you can put impressive visuals related to your business, and shout out loud for your brand.

  1. Proofread again and again

There should not be any wrong information or typo on your business card. As a card represents you and your business, having a typo or mistake shows your lack of professionalism. Double-check your info, ask your friends or colleagues to identify the typo. You can also take help from professional proofreaders. After all of these, you can send it for printing.

  1. Print in a professional way

All your efforts can go in vain if you don’t use professional printing for your business cards. A poor-quality print can distort your design and damage the essence of your card. Professionally printed cards can help to build solid trust right from the beginning.

These are the essential tips to consider while creating an effective business card for your business.

Now you are ready to send those outstanding business cards to print!

Need any further help? No worries, contact us today and let’s get it sorted!

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