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From promotional pens and mugs to drink’ bottles and umbrellas, get your brand seen!

Customised promotional materials are one of the most effective ways to interact with your customers. They are able to show your customers you care for them.

Whether giving away or selling, branded promotional products can have an unlimited potential reach. Every branded item you give to a customer, is a walking advertisement, which can go to many places and get seen by an immeasurable amount of people.

Promotional Mug

Who doesn’t like receiving useful and high-quality giveaways on an event or trade show?

If they come branded, with a brand we love and respect that’s even better!

At Quantum Print we are experienced in getting your promotional material needs to the next level.

We can assist you with ideas and provide quotes for pretty much any object you can think of!

We are partners with, industry leaders in promotional materials in New Zealand. Through them we are able to make all your ideas come true!

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