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Step 3 - Choose your Paper Thickness / Weight

Also known as GSM (grams per square metre), choosing a paper weight can be a hard decision, even for the most experienced.

The higher GSM a paper has, the more rigid and durable it will be. But they will also feel a lot heavier and can get marked or cracked if folded by hand. A lighter paper, on the other hand will definitely be more cost effective, although not as durable, it is easier to fold, which can be a good thing, depending on your goals.

A good way to help you decide a paper GSM is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will this material be passed hand-by-hand?
  • Will people flip and manipulate my material?
  • Will it be sitting somewhere, such as a front-desk for long periods of time?
  • Is my material worth investing in a more sturdy paper stock to look better?

We’ve put together below the most common paper GSM’s to help you choose.

We know this can be tricky, so if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to pop-in to our stores and our team will be happy to show you samples of each different GSM.

Most Common Paper GSM's

35-55 gsm

The lightest paper stock weight available. This type provides a more economical way of printing. On the other hand, it is so thin that it can be easily torn or creased. It’s also made to have a shorter life-span.

Most used for:

75-90 gsm

A popular choice for economical printing. Paper with this weight is usually used in magazines for being lighter and easier to turn pages.

Most used for:

90-100 gsm

The most common paper weight. This type is the most used in regular office printers, it’s cost effective and has a reasonable durability, ideal for everyday print.

Most used for:

120-140 gsm

A bit more stiffness than the previous stocks, this paper weight is very versatile, responding well for most common print requirements. A simple but effective choice.

Most used for:

210-300 gsm

If you are doing promotional materials, you can’t go wrong with this stock. It’s a bit thicker, but more durable. Your audience will certainly notice the difference.

Most used for:

350-450 gsm

The maximum weight a paper can get. This stock is recommended for special projects or when you want to really leave a great impression!

Most used for:

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